Horrifying: Teenage Dad Arrested For Biting Infant Son’s Nose Off

1394757752000-Cooper-Joshua-1920A teenage father was arrested Thursday for allegedly biting the nose off of his infant son. The father told police he was frustrated with the infant’s crying. This is so unbelievably terrible.

Police received a call from a distraught woman who said her infant was bleeding from the nose. ABC News reports that doctors “later determined the child suffered a skull fracture, a brain hemorrhage and that one third of the child’s nose had been severed.”

Yet another reason why people shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the many problems with young, unprepared people reproducing. The stress of a child can be unbelievably overwhelming. I can admit that, and I am an adult with a huge support network. I can’t even imagine attempting to raise a child as a teenager.

We need to spend more money on sex education and stop trying to limit access to abortion. I know I am making quite a leap here – but there are many, many young people who are in no position to handle the stress that caring for children brings. It’s easy to say “monster!” and yes, for the record I think anyone who could do something like this to a child is a monster, too. But I also think we need solutions for the sheer number of children who are being born to young people who are not equipped to handle children yet.

The multiple wounds this child has may indicate that it’s not the first time he has been abused. I just hope the baby lands somewhere safe. I have no other words for something this horrendous.

(photo: Fairfield Police Department)

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