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9-Year-Old Boy Starved and Beaten by Adoptive Parents Gets a Second Chance With a New Family

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Sometimes, awful stories really do have the happiest endings. An adopted boy in Omaha, Nebraska finally has the loving, caring family he deserves, after living through what can only be described as a nightmare. Camron Foster was beaten and starved by his adoptive parents for years. When he was finally rescued from the horrible conditions he was living in, he was severely malnourished. At 8 years old, he was at least 25 pounds underweight. He was closer in size to a toddler than a kid his own age. But he was finally removed from their evil clutches, and his new adoptive family is helping him heal and recover from those awful years.

At the age of 2, Camron was adopted by Stephen Bauer and Megan Finlan. The adopted boy was subjected to years of abuse, starvation, and neglect in their “care”.

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When he was finally rescued from the home of his abusive adoptive parents, Camron was 8 years old, but the size of a toddler. He weighed only 32 pounds, and his teeth were badly decayed, a dentist had to remove several of them. His body was covered in bruises and scratches. His adoptive parents would lock him in his room for days with no food.

But Camron is getting a second chance in a new family. One who loves him and is helping him move away from his devastating past.

Shannon and Jimmie Foster adopted Camron after his nightmarish ordeal. They say he’s adjusting fairly well, considering what he’s been through. When Camron first came to live with the Fosters, he would request chicken at every meal. Jimmie said, “Chicken, chicken.. then we find out one of the things they did for punishment was that they would buy chicken, eat it and give him the bones.”

Camron had to repeat the second grade, but is making huge strides. The Fosters says all they want is for him to know that he has someone who loves him.

“You know, when someone loves you. they love you. They don’t just love you some of the time. They don’t just love you when you’re doing good things. They love you all of the time. That’s what families are supposed to do,” said Jimmie.

ICYMI: A child gets a second chance at love and a new family after previously being starved by his adoptive parents.Julie Cornell KETV has the full story here:

Posted by KETV NewsWatch 7 on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stephen Bauer and Megan Finlan were found guilty of child neglect and abuse, and sentenced to 5 – 10 years in prison. Camron is now in the third grade, and is performing at grade level for math, and nearly grade level with reading.

(Image: Facebook/KETV Newswatch 7)