Forget Coffee Mugs and Hand Lotion, This Is the Teacher Gift Everyone Wants This Year

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teacher-gift-wine(Photo: Imgur)

Like most of us, teachers like wine. And teachers deserve wine for all the hard work they do molding and disciplining and educating our children all year for not nearly as much money or respect as they deserve.  That’s why these creative parents have won the hearts of their teacher and the Internet with a teacher gift that does not suck: a big bottle of white wine.

This photo of a bottle of wine was posted to Reddit as “The most honest gift to a teacher I’ve ever seen” by a user going by Martyz. The bottle of white wine has a custom printed label with a photo of a very cute little boy, and the label says “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us.”

I love it. I mean, I love all wine, but I love this bottle in particular. The little boy is just so cute. The labels come from a company called Evermine, and you can go ahead and get the with your own kid’s face on them, or your dog’s face on them, or your own face on them. (That would be a pretty nice gift for a 20-something to present to one’s parents, no?)

Teacher gifts do tend to suck. Every year we look around Pinterest and see all sorts of overwrought ideas for “creative” teacher gifts. I don’t know where parents got the idea that what every teacher needs is a mason jar full of seashells that says “SEA you next year!” or a million bottles of hand lotion. If you’re going to give teachers gifts, make sure it’s something useful. Wine is always useful. And don’t forget a thank-you note.