If You Don’t Get The Teacher A Back-To-School Gift, You’re Setting Your Kid Up To Fail

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shutterstock_180293702Things sure have changed since I sent my daughter to kindergarten in 2012! In the last week, I am suddenly seeing my Facebook feed full of ideas for a back-to-school gift for your kid’s teacher. I’m sorry, but huh? I thought it was nice enough that I did a Christmas and end-of-year gift but now I should be dropping a gift on my kid’s teacher before they’ve even met me? I thought about totally ignoring this “trend” and going on my merry way but then, I thought about the consequences- what if my kids are among the small group of plebes that do not give back-to-school gifts this fall? What if my eye-rolling at this ridiculousness puts them on Miss Whoever’s poop list for the rest of the school year?! It’s not a chance I am willing to take.

Now that I have decided to jump on this dumb band wagon, I’ve been doing a little research. As usual, it’s Pinterest to the rescue. I had only typed in the words “back-to-school” when Pinterest’s little predictive search popped up with “back-to-school gifts for teachers”. My feed was flooded with one idea after another and I quickly became overwhelmed. I weeded through the lame, the ugly and the straight suck-uppy and came up with a few ideas for ya’ll to work with this fall so your kids can start things off on the right foot:

When In Doubt, Mason Jars


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They come cheap at any craft store and can be used for pretty much anything. Stuff them with a few cute items and everyone will oohh and ahhh!

It Rubs The Lotion On It’s Skin And Then It Teaches Math


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Who doesn’t like hand lotion? And a little fact about Bath and Body Works– you can take back an unopened product and in my experience, they will let you exchange it for a different scent. Just in case you and teacher do not share a passion for Coconut Lime Verbena. In which case, I highly question what kind of person we are dealing with because it smells like heaven in a bottle.

Suck-Uppy, But Subtle


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Kids are disgusting so teachers can always use soap! I know that these pretty ones from Method are usually around $3 at Target. This tag is a little lame but it lets the teacher know you are up for helping and also, lets them keep your gross kid’s germs out of their face holes. Win-win.

Because Who Doesn’t Love A Fresh Sharpie?


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I am not a teacher but I still LOVE buying a pack of multi-colored Sharpie markers. It makes me feel organized even if it takes me three months to remember I got them and have since bought a whole other package of Sharpies.

Cute, Crafty And Cheap


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I feel like for what it would cost, this one packs a big punch. Cute little crayons, all lined up, adorably rustic and casual twine tying it all together. And all teachers need #2 pencils!

Everyone Drinks Water


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I’m sure it’s not so easy for the teacher to run out to the drinking fountain during instruction time so buy her a nice cup she can fill with water on her breaks. I have a lot of teacher friends and family members and I know they all appreciate having a few of these for home and school. Oh, and I’m cheap so I wouldn’t bother with the gift cards.

We’ll Call This One “The Butt Kisser”


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Only pick this one if you are planning to go hard this school year and want to ensure that your child is #1 in the teacher’s eyes. This takes real commitment to the cause.

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