STFU Parents: Parents Who Displace Their Pets Because They Have A Baby

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3. How To Kill Your Dog, AKA “Protect Your Family”


Holy shit. Did Britt just say all of that? She has truly taken us on a dead dog odyssey of tragic proportions. And let me get this straight—she “did what was best for her family” by choosing to kill the family dog? And she phrases it in such a way that she believes it was “better” for Bailey the dog, too? I guess if rationalizing that killing your dog was somehow beneficial to the dog gets you through the night… but it appears that by choosing to go that route, Britt is now traumatized herself. I can only assume this dog has acted violently in some way toward her baby, but just to be sure, I went back into my STFU, Parents archives to get the full story. Here’s what the submitter wrote:

“This WAS a friend of mine whose dog was acting aggressive toward her new baby. She looked for a home for the dog for 3 weeks…never took the dog, that she had owned for 5 years and called her “first-born child” to obedience classes, and gave up on the dog after that amount of time. She NEVER posted a “take the dog or I’ll put her down” post and then suddenly THIS popped up. I am very upset because had I known that it was re-home or death I would have taken the dog for a short time. Needless to say, I never wish to see her again.”

Parents, if you’re going to put down your dog if you can’t give it a new home, give your Facebook friends the full story when you attempt to re-home. I think that most people (perhaps naively, but I’m included in this) don’t assume that if you’re looking to re-home a pet, it’s either “re-home or death,” so letting people know is a real swell idea. Also a good idea: Training your dog and investing in that member of your family before completely giving up on him and putting him down.

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