Formerly Doting Parents Sue 36-Year-Old Daughter to Get Her to Finally Move Out

giphyAs much as we love our children, we generally hope they move out and become independent adults someday. One set of parents recently lost hope of that ever happening on its own, and they wound up actually going to court and suing their 36-year-old daughter because they just couldn’t get her to move out of their house. She wouldn’t listen to them, so they asked a judge to order her to go get a place of her own.

According to Shanghaiist, the couple’s 36-year-old daughter has a job and a stable income, but she apparently preferred living at home with her parents to things like paying rent and having her own space. Her parents admitted to the judge that they were maybe partly to blame for their conundrum, because they’d perhaps spoiled their daughter too much when she was younger, and now they were stuck with a grown-ass woman who wouldn’t leave their house and was allegedly acting snotty and rude to them, like a teenager.

The couple said they had even given their daughter 150,000 yuan, or just over $23,000, to buy a house in the hopes that she would say, “Yay! A house!” and go live in it, but it didn’t work.

The parents reportedly told the judge that they’d tried to get the daughter to go to mediation to repair their relationship, but she refused. They also said she’d become rude and fought with them all the time, but she still wouldn’t move out.

Somehow, she had even managed an impressive feat of logic and asserted that she was doing them a favor by living with them–over their objections–and that she couldn’t leave because she had a moral duty to stay and take care of them. I guess at some point she decided that she wasn’t living with them, they were living with her. Her parents just didn’t happen to agree with her.

The seemingly bewildered judge wound up ruling in favor of the parents, on the grounds that the parents owned the house and could evict a squatter if they wanted to, even if the squatter was their adult daughter. The judge reportedly said that while–under the Confucian virtue of filial piety, which has been legally enforceable in China since 2012–adult children were required to care for their aged parents, children were also supposed to respect and obey those parents, which means that when your parents say, “OMG, move out!” you have to do so.

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