STFU Parents: Mommyjacking Know-It-Alls On Facebook

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3. Scolding Non-Parents For Lack Of Sympathy


This is a common retort parents say to people who post about being annoyed by screaming children in public places. “Be nice!” “Be glad they’re not yours!” “Show some sympathy and stop making mothers feel bad!!!” “What if your parents had thought the same thing about you? You wouldn’t have liked that, would you?!”

Yikes. Who said anything about making a mother feel bad? Ryan is just making a quick joke while he gets his hair cut. We’ve all dealt with screaming kids in restaurants, salons, the post office, etc. It’s to-be-expected. It’s also to-be-complained-about on occasion, and it has nothing to do with making the child’s mother feel bad. Just an update on Facebook, that’s all!

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