Top 10 Ways To Keep Kids Calm On Christmas Eve

christmas eveWe all remember what it was like to spend Christmas Eve bouncing off the walls, annoying the heck out of our parents. I can remember my mom demanding that we stay locked in our bedrooms, with threats that she’ll tell Santa to skip our house should we wander down the stairs with more questions or pleads to start opening early.

Well, we don’t want you to spend the whole day threatening your children. I mean, if you have to, we understand. But we’d like to give you some other options. We’re hoping you won’t have to lock your kids in their rooms this year. (I think it might be a fire hazard.) (Thanks, Mom!)

Mommyish put together a few family activities that might just succeed in keeping your children relatively calm through the most anxious day of childhood. The key to survival is distraction. Here’s how to keep the kids busy and maybe even have a little fun.


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