STFU Parents: Happy Father’s Day To Funny Dads On Facebook

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In case you haven’t been reading the internet or noticing the signs in every single retail outlet across America and beyond, Father’s Day is this Sunday! Go, dads! In honor of this very important Day of Dad — the day in which we all try to come up with stuff that dads like aside from grilling, golfing, drinking beer, and wearing socks — I’ve chosen to go the celebratory route for the third year in a row. Sure, I could write a column about deadbeat dads and point out how many single mothers use Father’s Day as an opportunity to trash their kids’ father(s) on social media, but you know, that’s not nearly as fun as giving props to funny dads who have earned Gold Stars.

What’s more entertaining — a column filled with dad jokes, or a column that highlights the bazillion memes floating around Facebook that look like this:

__1. Father's day_mothers.jpg


__2. Father's Day


















If reading the above status update has caused you to wonder, “How come I never knew about the ‘Bitchin’ Mothers UNCUT’ page?!?”, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Actually, maybe you are alone, but FYI there is a ‘Bitchin’ Mothers UNCUT’ page (in my mind I add an extra “bitch” at the end, making it ‘Bitchin’ Mothers UNCUT, bitch!’), and that is the page that all the angry mothers can turn to for relief on this most distressing upcoming Sunday. I’m sure the page will be filled with delightful fake Someecards similar to the above, but tweaked ever-so-slightly so there are at least 25 different variations that say the same thing (e.g. “Happy Father’s Day, wherever the hell you are.”; “Happy Father’s Day, you lying sack of garbage.”; “Happy Father’s Day, I hope you’re enjoying prison, you worthless piece of shit.”; and so on). And yes, I know there are many fathers out there who don’t even deserve the prestigious title of “dad,” and that Father’s Day can be hard for some moms, and especially hard on their kids, for that reason.

However, there are some really great dads out there, too, and that is what this column is about. So screw the hate parade! Let’s celebrate the good guys today. Here are five examples of dads being funny on Facebook, in the daddest of ways.

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