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STFU Parents: This Holiday Season, Don’t Brag Online About Spoiling Your Kids

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 3. Not Spoiled. Supported.


People!! Listen!!! Linda is not spoiling her daughter, she’s just giving her everything that she wants. There is a difference, okay! We’re talking about a precious fifteen-year-old who’s never had to experience the hardship of manual labor for a single day of her life, God bless her, and so long as Linda has something to say about it, her daughter’s life will remain that way! So what if Linda is willing to spend her last penny on buying her daughter everything that her teenage heart desires? Who cares if she spends thousands of dollars on her daughter’s extensive designer purse collection? It makes her happy!! And no, her daughter will not be getting a job, because jobs are for old people!! Linda is a parent, and that means she supports her kid 175%. Enough said!!!!

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