Sex Offender Hits $3 Million Lotto Jackpot, There Goes My Faith In Karma

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sex-offender-wins-lotteryIn case you were wondering if there is a God, it turns out the answer is “no.” A registered sex-offender in Florida has won the lottery. Three million dollars.

Timothy Poole was arrested in 1999 on allegations that he sexually molested a nine-year-old boy. The boy was the child of family friends and used to spend the night at Poole’s home. From Click Orlando,”He said Tim would sleep in the same bed as him at his house” and perform a sex act on the child, the detective wrote in the affidavit.  “He said sometimes Tim would wake him up from sleeping to (perform a sex act).”

Poole denied the allegations and as part of a plea bargain “he pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery and was sentenced to the 13 months he had already served in jail.” He was also ordered to serve 10 years of sex offender probation and register as a sexual predator.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, this isn’t the first time a sex offender has won the Florida lottery.  In 2007 a man arrested for lewd and lascivious or indecent assault upon a child won $14 million. Poole won his three million dollars on a scratch off ticket he bought at a 7-Eleven. I had no idea scratch off’s even had jackpots that big.

There are no laws in Florida that prohibit registered sex offenders from playing the lottery. But the Sentinel reports that Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill to prevent sex offenders from collecting lottery winnings after a $10 winner used the money to buy expensive gifts for a new victim.

So apparently, it’s not just really old people who win the lottery, it’s registered sex offenders too. This puts a giant wrench in my belief in Karma.