STFU Parents: 6 Reasons To Keep Your Kid’s Bath Poop Off Facebook

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6. Kid Shaming

STFU Parents

I’m not especially concerned about the “kid shaming” phenomenon because it seems like a fad, but I will say that I’m not as amused by jokes like Chelsey’s as some people. I guess maybe I could understand if this was a photo caption in a scrapbook, but posted online it comes across more as, “My kid is a punchline,” and less, “My kid will get a kick out of this embarrassing caption when he’s older.” Why not just post the cute picture and leave it as is? It’s like Chelsey deliberately stunk up this image as a joke, and all it did was cause George to make an even grosser joke. “Little brown fish”? Ew. It’s a bathtub, George, not a poop aquarium.

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