Up And Coming Young Comedian Is A First Time Dad! Congratulations Steve Martin – Whaaaat?

editI had no idea Steve Martin put a baby inside someone, much less didn’t have any children before this! We all need to sit right down and catch our collective breath because the man, the legend, the brilliantly amazing Steve Martin is a first time daddy at age 67 and NONE of us are the baby mama. Did you know he was planning on having a baby? I didn’t even know he was married. Actually, I still thought he was dating artist Cindy Sherman.  This news is actually a celebrity baby story that I care about. From The Daily Mail:

The It’s Complicated actor and his wife Anne Stringfield, 41, are believed to have welcomed a baby into their lives back in December.

Although the fiercely-private couple had managed to keep their happy news a secret until now, they were recently spotted doting on their child near their Los Angeles home. 

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ‘They’ve had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows.

‘Steve’s very private. They are thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby.’

Anne Stringfield is said to be a writer and she used to work for the New Yorker. I wish we had more news about this celebrity couple because Steve Martin is amazing and it looks like his wife is incredibly cool, I mean, she must be, because she is married to Steve! How can she not be cool? An old news article said that they had even kept their wedding a secret, inviting friends like Lorne Michaels,  Diane Keaton and Tom Hanks over to their Los Angeles home for a party, which then turned into the couple who had been dating for about three years. Aww, even their wedding was secret.

Steve Martin is currently playing shows with his bluegrass collective, The Steep Canyon Rangers, who were nominated with Martin for a Grammy last year but didn’t take home one until this year. Martin is also an author, his fantastic book ShopGirl was made into a movie starring himself and Claire Danes and his latest book An Object Of Beauty, is a satire about the New York art world.

Such a cute couple. I bet their baby is like the luckiest kid ever and even though his father will be like 85 before he goes to college, I bet the little Steve Martin baby is going to have a very cool life growing up.

(photo: WENN)

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