Jerk Kids Are Having McDonald’s French Fry ‘Potato Parties’ And Not Inviting Us Boring Old People

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frnechfriestwitterKids are so much cooler and smarter and potentially fatter than we are, because when us boring old people are ordering those wilted salads at Micky D’s, our kids are ordering a gazillion french fries and dumping them all on plastic trays and then posting photographs of themselves enjoying their deadly and delicious “potato party” for the world to see.

I’m not going to get in a long debate with you readers over this but McDonald’s French Fries are the best food on earth. Really. Especially of the potato variety. You can’t really have a contest about what is a better food – the McDonald’s French Fry or macaroons from Ladurée, so let’s just say for argument’s sake that the french fry wins, because it does. And even though most fads that kids partake in, like taking all of our money for stupid stuff like college and The Harlem Shake thing, I can get behind this french fry party fad 100%. Even though some other boring people think these kids are stupid. from The Guardian:

It’s a way of eating McDonald’s staff are not especially keen to encourage. At least not in South Korea – the latest country to fall prey to the carb-feast fad – where a group of around a dozen children have been kicked out of the restaurant after attempting to eat $250-worth (£165) of fries.

According to Asian news site RocketNews24, the stunt so enraged one member of staff that he yelled at them: “Stop causing trouble, you brats! Get out of here!” It brought their fun to an early – and considerably healthier – end. But a photograph of the kids’ salty banquet – which filled 16 plastic trays – has since done the rounds online. Where, to be fair, it’s one of many.


It doesn’t sound like these kids were “causing trouble” to me, it just sounds like they were fully enjoying their delicious french fries. Potato parties with McDonalds fries hasn’t caught on in the US yet, but I’m sure it will any day now, and maybe we can spare our kids from excessive fat and sodium intake by quick doing this before they can, because the surest way to kill a trend is by having us old people do it.

I’m totally volunteering my services towards this, so any of you parents out there who want to have a potato party hit me up. I’ll even buy the sodas we will need to wash down all of that salt and ketchup.

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