There Might Be Even More Charges In The Steubenville Rape And Their Parents Are Probs Panicking

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steubenville rape case grand jury Attorney General Mike DeWine has made a statement that there will be a delay in the Steubenville gang rape case and we won’t hear from witnesses for about two weeks after it is convened Monday.This could mean that they are looking for additional evidence, or people who realize they are guilty are quick making last minute vacation trips or something. From WTOV.9:

DeWine said Thursday the grand jury will explore whether other laws were violated and could result in more charges or none at all.

I’m not sure how this could result in no other charges, especially considering there were a lot of other kids present, and this whole issue of whether Coach Reno knew about the rape and failed to alert authorities, and how some of the other members of the “Rape Crew” passed around pictures of a naked minor.

As much as I want justice to be served, as I’m sure most everyone else does, and I want the other guilty parties to receive their fair punishment, part of me feels bad for the parents of the kids who are potentially involved in this and who may be having to face the grand jury. I’m sure a lot of these parents and their kids are in a total panic but maybe they should have thought about that when they witnessed a girl being raped and handed out her pictures to all of their pals. It is comforting knowing that their will be a grand jury investigation and more charges will be filed, because it isn’t fair that only Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays have taken the fall for this.  It looks like we have a longer wait for justice to be served in this horrible case that has riveted the world.

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