Occupy Steubenville: Heartbreaking Stories Of Rape And Demands For Justice Live Now

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A_3NyI7CUAE0FVEThe Occupy Steubenville protest is going on right now. I will link to the live streams at the bottom of the post, so those of you interested in watching can do so. The protest has been peaceful so far, save for some angry people at the beginning who were protesting the group trying to speak to Sheriff Abdalla. The protest has also been amazingly difficult to watch at times. There have been numerous speeches made by women from Steubenville and other areas who have been speaking about their own rapes. There was a 11-year-old girl who broke down in tears speaking about how she is terrified of ever being raped.

Sheriff Abdalla also spoke to the protesters about how he was moved by the stories of rape and sexual assault. He has two daughters and four granddaughters and has claimed he has arrested over 200 individuals for sexually molesting children. The crowd has been very polite in letting him speak and he said some very powerful statements in regard to victims of sexual abuse, especially children. When asked when he saw the video of Nodianos that was recently shown on numerous websites and CNN, he claimed he viewed it only three days ago, which was met by anger and disbelief from the protestors.

There is talk of a candlelight vigil being held to honor rape victims this evening. There are currently over 1,000 protesters present. The case continues to unfold, and I’m sure there will be new updates and information as the days progress. The main theme of the day is justice for not only the Jane Doe victim in the Steubenville case, but justice for all victims.

It’s heartbreaking, and touching, and history-making that so many people have gathered to  support the Jane Doe victim and all victims of rape. Moments ago, a masked self-proclaimed Anonymous removed his mask to stand in solidarity with the women who bravely stood before the crowd to tell their stories. This post will be updated as needed, in the meantime, links are below.

A friend of the family of the Jane Doe victim just spoke to protestors to offer the thanks from the family for supporting her, followed by a moment of silence for rape victims.

The following streams are showing the protest live. You may have to try different links to find one that works for your viewing.

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