Naked And Pregnant On The Runway At London Fashion Week

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sophia cahill nakedNever a dull moment at London Fashion Week. Especially when a model walks the runway completely naked – while eight months pregnant. Yup, that actually happened. The model is former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill, who appeared in the debut fashion show for milliner Robyn Coles. She was one of four models to appear wearing nothing but a Coles-designed hat.

“[Cahill] was one person I knew who’d be more than happy to get her kit off. I thought it would be nice she would pregnant for the show. You never see that kind of stuff in fashion,” said 31-year-old Coles.

To those skeptics out there who view the move as nothing more as a publicity stunt, rest assured that Coles has nothing to hide. “As an unknown designer you have to find ways of getting people to your show,” she told The Press Association. “I wanted to use different models and different sizes. I’m a big believer in that. With accessories like hats it doesn’t mater what size or shape you are.”

Of course, Cahill is not the first pregnant model to appear on the catwalk for a non-maternity line. Just last month, Alessandra Ambrosio walked in a runway show for Brazilian line Colcci. The difference is that Ambrosio sported  a tiny bump, whereas Cahill flaunted her eights-months pregnant belly. And in Cahill’s case, there were no actual clothes to focus on!

I think it’s cool that Cahill had the nerve to bare it all at eight months pregnant. She is clearly confident, which I admire, and I think that more women should embrace their pregnant bods. Kudos to Cahill and to Coles for such a bold move.