Smirnoff’s Oversized Holiday Ornament Bottles Are A Holiday Must

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Smirnoff ornament

Image: Smirnoff

So, the holidays are fast approaching. Some people already have their Christmas trees up. But the majority of people haven’t for various reasons. If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your tree, pay attention. Vodka giant Smirnoff is getting in on the holiday game. They are releasing a Smirnoff holiday ornament this year. Yes, that’s right, a Smirnoff holiday ornament. Because sometimes the holidays make you want to drink. And you can take a couple sips while sitting by the tree. No one will even notice. How absolutely brilliant right? They’re decorative and functional! There are few better things.

Aside from being functional, the Smirnoff holiday ornament is actually really cute. First off, they look like a regular ball ornament. It’s only when you get close that you notice the screw cap. Brightly decorated so they blend right in with the other Christmas balls, they’re multipurpose. You can keep them full to add a little weight to the tree. But you can also drink the contents and put them up once they’re empty. There aren’t that many multi use holiday ornaments out there, that’s for sure.

Drink and be merry

In addition to being brightly colored, each Smirnoff holiday ornament has a cute phrase. They include things like, #BESTGIFTEVER and “Don’t get lit, drink responsibly.” Seriously, how unbelievably cute are these?

One of the very best things about the Smirnoff holiday ornament; it makes a great gift. If you’re looking for some cute hostess gifts or stocking stuffers, here they are. But only if the recipient is over 21 of course! Since they look like little gifts, they would be perfect for an office secret Santa. Since they double as a drink and an ornament, people will be doubly happy to receive them. You could even attach a little drink recipe to the bottle for a little extra cheer!

“Mix and mingle”

You’d be hard pressed to find something bad about this gift. The Smirnoff holiday ornament No. 21 is filled with Smirnoff’s signature vodka. It is gluten free, non-GMO, and triple distilled, as is their standard. The ornament is a 750 mL round bottle, and is going to retail for $12.99. You really can buy a bunch! A Smirnoff holiday ornament is the perfect thing to find under and on the tree this year!