Sienna Miller Woefully (Or Expertly?) Gives Birth On The Same Weekend As A Kardashian

Sienna MillerLeave it to a Kardashian to steal your press thunder! Sienna Miller welcomed her first child over the weekend in London, but with Penelope Scotland Disick trending on Twitter all morning, it would seem that sometimes there is only enough room for one celebrity birth.

No name has yet to be confirmed for Miller’s newborn daughter with boyfriend (and rumored fiance) Tom Sturridge. Granted, the actress most likely isn’t looking to sustain an entire career with mommy blogs and potentially-televised water births, and so a more quiet baby announcement may be just what the new mother wanted.

All in all, we haven’t seen much of Sienna since the announcement of her pregnancy in the winter. No plugging of Pampers products or promotions of maternity lines. Sienna did confirm her pregnancy some months later. But other then attending a red carpet, the mother’s unborn was admirably not used to snag any magazine covers, huge tabloid interviews, or product endorsements.

The low-key actress may always have to share a baby birthday weekend with one of the most Googleable families in the Western Hemisphere. But given how quiet Sienna has kept this pregnancy, and the developments in her growing family, such circumstances might be pretty ideal for a less exploitative mother. After all, with the paparazzi desperately dashing to get snaps of baby Penelope, maybe Sienna can enjoy her own daughter’s first forays into the world in peace.

(photo: Charles Ruby/

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