4-Year-Old Remains So Still That Police Don’t Even Notice Her Under Corpses For 8 Hours

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french alps shootingQuiet kids who don’t make much of a ruckus — especially on vacations — may be described as genetic luck. Sitting still is a coveted trait in the five and under set. But one 4-year-old British girl remained so completely still and quiet that authorities didn’t even notice her underneath the corpses of her family — for eight hours. The little girl not only lost her family in a gruesomely violent way, but then remained nestled close to their bodies completely unbeknownst to the police.

Associated Press reports that authorities discovered the car (following a tip) in the French Alps containing a slain British family. But eight hours after discovering the scene on a “remote” Alpine road, French officers found a 4-year-old girl “immobilized with fear,” hiding underneath bags by her dead mother’s feet. Prosecutor Eric Maillaud says that once the car was opened, the child dashed out:

“We discovered a little 4-year-old girl that no one noticed earlier because she wasn’t moving. Probably terrified, she was completely immobile among the bodies. She was later examined and she is doing OK,” Maillaud said.

Maillaud said as soon as investigators opened the door, the girl emerged, smiled and reached out her arms; she spoke English but couldn’t describe what had happened and was taken into police care.

Understandably, French authorities “struggled” to come up with a reason for why the kid was not discovered earlier. Even worse, made to sit — quite literally frozen in fear — next to her murdered family for the equivalent of a half a day. So far, they have yet to offer one.

The little girl was said to be traveling with her parents and grandmother, all of whom were shot. The family was staying at a campground on the shores of Lake Annecy.

In addition to the four victims, including a nearby cyclist who was also shot and killed, authorities found a 7-year-old near the car. Her attackers violently attacked and beat her, but she is currently being hospitalized. With fractures to her skull and bullet wounds, she is scheduled to be operated on.

The motive for this random rampage remains unclear, but who knows what details this quiet and tiny witness may be able to provide.

(photo: Blaz Kure/ Shutterstock)