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Sheryl Sandberg Vows To Keep ‘Leaning In’ At Facebook

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leaninSheryl Sandberg may be doing lots of promotion for her New York Times best-selling Lean In, and of course, pushing a pop culturally savvy catch phrase. But don’t get Sheryl wrong. She is still “leaning in” to her job over at the Facebook headquarters. Just ask her twenty-something hoody-clad boss.

The Daily Beast reports that at an annual shareholder meeting for Facebook, a stockowner questioned Sheryl Sandberg’s work priorities in lieu of Lean In promotion:

“You wrote a great book in the last year, spent a lot of time promoting it, traveling around. I’m sure it did a lot of positive things for Facebook’s ability to attract people.” He said. “However, my concern is that took a lot of time and activity in addition to your substantial responsibilities as COO of Facebook. How can you assure me that you’ll be just as committed to Facebook over the next 12 months as you were the previous four or five years? Because without you there is no business in Facebook.”

Crickets? Not so much. Sheryl hit back:

“I love my job at Facebook,” Sandberg said. “Facebook has been and remains my number one priority. I also have no plans to leave.”

Mark Zuckerberg, who was reportedly also at this meeting, chimed in:

 “I think Sheryl is going to be here for awhile.”

So for the time being, no “leaning out” on the agenda. Hey, that can be her second book!