Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ Will Either Reveal Some Truth About Working Moms Or Suck

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A new film based on the dilemma of working mothers is coming out in September starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah plays a business woman who loves her job but struggles with keeping her marriage, her children, and her sanity together. Sound familiar? The trailer depicts her awake in her bed making a list in her head that climbs the space of her bedroom wall. The audience is to deduce that her her sex life isn’t really all that great given that she falls asleep after donning a negligee and she cries on her way to work after learning that her nanny took her son to her first haircut.

It’s unclear from the trailer how the film will attempt to resolve this rather challenging narrative that doesn’t belong to just one woman, but many. Romantic comedies don’t really have a reputation for tackling big issues with prowess, so I’m already wondering how they’re planning to wrap this up. If she quits her job in the name of motherhood, then we can slap ourselves for entrusting a mainstream film to grapple with authentic motherhood issues. If she sticks with her job, I’ll also be interested to see what epiphany or realization she has that gets her better better hours or a different schedule.

I’m also very curious as to how Sarah’s husband in the film, played by Greg Kinnear, will function. I understand from the book that he is a low-earning architect and that Sarah’s character is the breadwinner. I wonder whether we’ll see him assisting with childcare, domestic duties, and conducting grocery store runs or whether the children are simply Sarah’s responsibility. That alone could determine what type of film we’ll be watching — romantic comedy or horror flick.

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