After 9 Years Of Motherhood, I Can Block Out Any Noise

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The funny thing is, and this is unfortunate, that this doesn’t seem to be the case for ALL parents. Not all parents have selective hearing, and I feel bad for them. Not only did my friend notice that there was a screaming, somewhat bratty (but what toddler isn’t at a restaurant?) baby beside us during dinner, it actually ruined her dinner. Like I said to her, “I didn’t even notice!” (Then again, I don’t notice a lot of things, like if I’m wearing my shirt inside out and backwards or if I am wearing mismatched socks.)

I’d like to say that because I now have two kids, that that’s the reason I don’t notice other loud kids, that because I have a baby, I’m more patient. But I’m the least patient person I know. I just have very selective hearing and if I don’t want to hear something then I can totally block it out. For example, I can shut down, let’s say, if my fiancé and I argue about something. Rather, if he’s unhappy with me about something, I will listen for a few moments about his rant, and then I am able to just sit there while he continues to rant, day dreaming about my next vacation.

I think selective hearing is one of the best qualities one can have, since there are a lot of babies and toddlers and bratty kids having tantrums out there. You can make the choice to let it annoy you (and ruin your dinner) or you can be more like me, and somehow just block it out.

Babies (and texts and e-mails going off at all hours) are not going anywhere. So you can either let it bother you, or you can learn to have selective hearing. And, for the record, you don’t have to worry about me if you go out to dinner with your children, or decide to fly with them on a plane. Trust me, I won’t notice.

In fact, are you talking to me right now? That’s the other thing about selective hearing after becoming a parent. It can carry on to other aspects of life. If I don’t like what you’re saying, well, let’s just say I may look like I’m listening, but, really, I’m thinking probably about whether I should take out the carpet in my house so I can see more hardwood floor.

(photo:  Inga Marchuk/ Shutterstock)

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