Upstanding Teens Arrested For Stealing Wheelchair And Going On Neighborhood Joy Ride

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motorized wheelchairTeenagers may have always been troublemakers but I have legitimate concern for the new crop that then posts their exploits online. You guys are doing it all wrong.

CBS news reports that two 14-year-old boys have been arrested for allegedly stealing a wheelchair from a home that was under construction. The Long Island gentleman reportedly stole the motorized contraption late Saturday night and are accused of joy-riding the $17,000 chair around the neighborhood until the battery died. Reports claim that the two teens then abandoned the wheelchair in some random location. It has yet to be recovered.

How did Nassau County Police discern that these two young men may have committed these crimes by Monday? Because police found posts about the wheelchair theft on Facebook. Arrests for both boys followed.

What’s even more grotesque is that the chair was stolen from Carmela Pinello, a mother whose 27-year-old son who uses the custom-designed chair for his cerebral palsy. She’s understandably not amused:

“My son had nine surgeries and that chair was specially made for him,” Pinello told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. “They left my son stranded. They should be ashamed of themselves and realize that you don’t play with somebody’s life and think it’s a joke, because it’s not a joke.”

A very, very poorly executed joke — on multiple fronts.

(photo: daseaford / Shutterstock)