Uma Thurman’s Kids Officially Big BIG Brother And Sister As She Gives Birth To Baby Girl

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Uma Thurman, everyone’s favorite Beatrix Kiddo, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday. Although older pregnancies are becoming increasing popular, Thurman was not setting out to conceive again at age 42. And with two children more than decade apart from the new baby, perhaps that’s pretty obvious.

The baby girl’s name has yet to be disclosed, but kids with boyfriend Arpad Busson were definitely not on the agenda:

“Uma was definitely not planning on having another kid. It was a surprise,” a source revealed to Us Weekly when news of the pregnancy first surfaced in February. “But she’s over the moon about it, very excited.”

Thurman’s two children Maya, 13 and Levon, 10, from her marriage to Ethan Hawke might be looking at some babysitting down the way with mommy getting a do-over à la Reese Witherspoon. Goodness knows at least she’ll be able to get a couple of showers in during these early weeks what with two tweens in the house. And don’t forget new daddy Arpad.

(Photo: WENN)