30 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow As A Duchess

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Eat and sleep on the Queen’s schedule.

meghan markle

Image: iStock / WENN.com

Did you know that if Meghan is dining or staying the night at the Queen’s home, she has to eat when the Queen eats and sleep when the Queen sleeps? No exceptions. She can’t start eating her meal until the Queen starts, no matter what kind of pregnancy-induced starvation mode she may be suffering. Meghan Markle should not begin eating her meal until the Queen has started eating hers and when the Queen stops eating, everyone must stop eating, even if there is still food on your plate. As soon as the Queen stops eating, forks down. At bedtime, the Duchess of Sussex has to wait until the Queen goes to bed before she can dismiss herself to bed. Luckily, it’s rumored the Queen has a modest bedtime and sleeps for 10 hours uninterrupted.

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