Prince William & Kate Middleton Pay Tribute To Princess Diana During Pakistan Trip

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Prince William Kate Middleton Princess Diana


Prince William and Kate Middleton have paid tribute to Princess Diana yet again, this time during their trip to Pakistan. The royal couple took a trip to the mountains of Pakistan to get a better idea of the effects climate change and global warming have had on the local communities in the northern region of the country. Photos of the United Kingdon’s favorite couple surfaced this morning of them arriving at the Chitral airport in the Hindu Khush and being presented with traditional Chitrali hats, which are bright white in color and decorated with a feather and badge.

The traditional Pakistani hat may look familiar to readers who have been following the royal family for some time now, as it’s super similar to the one worn by William’s mother, Princess Diana when she did her first solo tour of Pakistan in 1991. This was six years before she died and Prince William was about nine years old at the time. Upon arriving at the airport, Will and Kate were shown photos of Diana from 1991 in which she can be seen wearing the same hat that they were sporting. A video, which was uploaded by Twitter user Emily Andrews, shows Prince William laugh when he realizes Kate is wearing the same hat Diana wore all those years ago, while Kate notes that the photos are “very special.” Take a look below.

According to People magazine, it’s usually only men who are presented with the Chitrali hats, but Kate was given one as an esteemed VIP visitor — just as Diana was during her visit in 1991.