No, Twerking Is Not The ‘Hottest New Pregnancy Trend’

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Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 9.17.46 AMI saw an ABC News snippet this morning about pregnant women twerking, and how it’s the “hottest new pregnancy trend.” I immediately thought, God ABC News, just because one woman decides to film herself doing this, doesn’t mean it’s a “thing.”  Then I went to YouTube and searched, “pregnant woman twerking.” There were a couple hundred results.

I went down the rabbit hole, folks. Won’t you join me?

The hottest new pregnancy trend? No. I don’t think so. Every time I hear the words “pregnancy trend” I prepare myself for awful. First their was the belly-casting, then the ‘heart hands” photos – now this? There is no way that this is a hot new trend. Is there?

Linda Murray, global editor in chief of BabyCenter… first spotted the dancing moms in the BabyCenter Community. “Moms are very plugged into pop culture, and also have a great sense of humor, so it’s no surprise they’re enjoying this craze like everyone else.”

Twerking is just another way for a pregnant woman to feel feminine and fun, Murray adds.

“Being pregnant doesn’t mean your life is over,” says Murray. “Trends like this — and the “50 Shades of Grey” Baby Boom we saw last summer — prove that you’re still a woman when you become a mother. And you can shake your booty just like you did before!”

Yes! Don’t let being pregnant stop you from shaking your booty in your poorly-lit bedroom and throwing it on YouTube for the world to see. Wait, I mean do let pregnancy stop you from doing that. In fact, just stop doing that – whether you are pregnant or not. The only thing this story taught me is that there are waaaay too many women taping themselves dancing in their messy, poorly lit bedrooms. But I totally love how Murray makes it sound like there will soon be a Mommy and Me twerking class at the local Y.

(photo: YouTube)