Daycare Workers Take To Instagram To Mock The Children In Their Care

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instagramIconTwo daycare workers were fired after posting pictures of children to Instagram and making fun of them. I can’t imagine what would make a person think it was okay to photograph someone else’s child, make a meme out of that photograph and post it to their personal social media account. Especially when the meme is a joke at the child’s expense – and they are being paid to care for that child.

Melissa Jordan saw a photo of her 3-year-old son, Ethan posted online. It had obviously been taken at his daycare, A Heavenly Haven Learning Center in Newport News, Virginia. He was sitting in a highchair, looking totally miserable. The daycare worker who took the photo, made a meme out of it that said, “I’m sick of this shit!!!” and posted it to Instagram. Another daycare worker – one of her Instagram followers – left a comment under the photo that said, “He really look like that’s exactly wat he is thinking cuz sure can’t talk. Lmao.” The 3-year-old has some delayed speech development. Yes, that is just hilarious. This is infuriating.

The woman has used a child in her charge as the brunt of a joke on Instagram before. She posted a picture of a child smiling and compared his teeth to those of the character of “Mater” in the movie “Cars” – a character with exaggerated buck teeth. This woman is really a peach.

Both her and her co-worker were fired for violating the daycare’s policy of not allowing cameras into the classrooms. I’m less concerned that they violated a policy and more concerned that they look at a child in their care with speech problems as the brunt of a joke. There is an alarming disconnect and lack of care and compassion here. I would never trust either of these women with my children.

At least these people were too stupid to realize what they put on the Internet is not private – and they no longer have jobs caring for children they obviously care so little about.

(photo: Twitter)