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These Photos of a Parking Lot Birth Will Blow You Away

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(Facebook / Jaiden Photography)

A birth photographer captured the most amazing series of images when the baby she was photographing was delivered in the front seat of his parents’ car. Stephanie Knowles, owner of Jaiden Photography in Jacksonville, Florida, shared the jaw-dropping photos on Facebook, where they quickly went viral.

Knowles, who had never photographed a birth before, made the decision to meet expecting parents Noah and Lauren Strunk at their house and follow them to the hospital, which proved to be fortuitous. “I can capture the moments leading up to the hospital,” Knowles explained in a text to Strunk. When Noah put suddenly put the car in park outside of the hospital’s emergency room, Knowles sprang into action.

As Noah ran around to his wife’s side of the car, Knowles knew something was wrong. “I contemplated setting down my camera to help or to start shooting, but I decided to stand back and let it all happen — like I always planned on doing — and started shooting away,” Knowles said to


Dad Noah parked his car just in time. As soon as he reached his wife, the baby was born. “The baby was born so fast that his dad had to literally catch him after his shoulders emerged,” wrote Knowles on Facebook, “What is so powerful to me is his mother, out of instinct, grabbed him by the arm after she delivered him. She doesn’t even recall doing it.” That sound you just heard was my vagina screaming.

Despite his breakneck entry into the world, the baby (nicknamed Parker in honor of his parking lot birthplace) was completely calm. Knowles said on Facebook, “In the wildness of all that happened it was such a quiet moment in the car, so peaceful. The baby was so CALM laying next to the mother, so content.” Baby Parker, who joins older brother Harrison, is a healthy seven-pounds, two-ounces.