These Very Pregnant Pictures Of Penelope Cruz Are Awesome

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shutterstock_103107569__1374427855_142.196.156.251I love it when people try to get into the minds of pregnant women. By “people,” I mean the “media” Since today I am functioning as a member of the media, I want to play.

Today, The Daily Mail ran a photo spread of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. They attended the Los Veranos de la Villa Music Festival in Madrid yesterday, and Penelope looks like she is nearing the end of her pregnancy. I love all of the commentary under the photos, but as someone who just gave birth to a baby who was two-weeks over due, I think the majority of it is bullshit. You can hit the link above to follow along.

The first photo is captioned with this; “Joined by her husband Javier Bardem the actress looked perhaps a little on the uncomfortable side as she mingled with her fellow festival goers.” Ha. She’s clutching her hips and seemingly giving the world the side-eye, while simultaneously thinking, “I got out of my yoga pants for this?”

The second photo shows Penelope holding her back and looking on as Bardem bear hugs a friend. The caption, “A bit of support: Penelope held on to her back as she greeted her friends at the concert.” If looks could speak, hers would say, “Rub my back, assholes.”

It’s great that the Daily Mail seems to love Penelope. They commented on her look as “natural” and never once did they weight-shame her. I am impressed. But seriously though, she looks so over the whole night – it just makes me love her even more. I want to caption each photo with the following:


Hmm, alright.

This is boring.

My feet hurt.

Stop touching me.

We’re so used to seeing super-stylized, Hollywood pregnancies. It’s nice to see a woman at the end of her pregnancy, looking amazing, and obviously not trying to put on a show for the cameras. I’m tired, I’m pregnant, I’m kinda bored – deal with it. That’s what these photos say to me – and I love them.

(photo: s_bukley/ Shutterstock)