Pediatric Surgeon Dies A Hero, Saving Drowning Kids

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Pediatric surgeon Donald Liu was a world-renown doctor who was known for his breakthroughs in minimally invasive surgery. But this past weekend, he died saving two children he discovered who were struggling in Lake Michigan. The children were saved but he was pulled under the water and drowned. He was on a vacation with his wife and three children at the time of his death.

Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, chairman of surgery at the University of Chicago Hospitals, told the Chicago Tribune about his friend:

“He was a brilliant, caring, compassionate surgeon and one of the most wonderful people you would ever meet,” Matthews said. “He was beloved in the Hyde Park community and he’s just a prince of a man.

“He was a remarkable human being. We are all shocked,” Matthews continued. “He was very passionate about his work. What the children needed was what always what he talked about. He was a world-class pediatric surgeon who made innovations and advancements in minimally invasive surgery for children and cared for trauma victims.”

He was also known for his people skills when talking to children and their families. And he was known for training Chinese surgeons.

Liuis survived by his wife, Dr. Dana Suskind, and three children: Genevieve, 13, Asher, 10, and Amalie, 7.

What a tragedy for them.

(Photo: Fox)