Blue Ivy’s Nose ‘Suspiciously’ Changes, Which Has Clearly Never Happened To A Baby

Apparently no one on the staff at MediaTakeOut has ever had a child. Or seen a baby grow up at all. Or just seen the same baby twice. That is the only explanation for their ridiculous suggestion that there’s something odd about Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, and her adorable visage. The tabloid site claims that there’s a “SHOCKING NEW SCANDAL” because little Blue Ivy’s nose seems much less pointed than it was immediately after she was born. Let’s not forget that the little girl is almost eight months old.

Babies faces change quite a bit in the first year. Not even just their features, but their coloring as well. In fact, plenty of little ones look like completely different children in the first couple weeks after they’re born.

The tabloid, which obviously has to toe the line when it comes to suggesting anything concrete, doesn’t attempt to theorize about this baby’s changing face might be explained. They just try to give the impression that something sinister must be happening. About this Blue’s changing expression, they say this: just got a tip from a KEEN EYED reader . . who is wondering . . . how is it POSSIBLE for Beyonce’s baby to go from a STRAIGHT nose (like Beyonce) . . . to a wide FLAT nose (like Jay Z) in just a few months.

We know that Babys change . . . but that does strike us as VERY ODD. Well, we’re sure that there is a perfectly LOGICAL explanation for such a change. We just don’t have one . . .

So obviously, you’re free to come up with your own explanations, no doubt involving fake babies or plastic surgery for 12-month-and-under set. You want to hear my theory? Babies change. Their faces change. Here’s my daughter in the weeks after she was born versus six months later.

See how her nose went from being a bit pointy to being a little rounder? Her hair went from dark brown to almost reddish. It’s blonde now, by the way. Her face was thinner right after she was born, then rounded out in the first year, and is now back to being sharp and lean. This is what happens with babies. Their faces change.

There is no shocking scandal with little Blue Ivy Carter. She is just an adorable little girl who has famous parents.

Feel free to share your “changing baby” photos in the comments. I’ll be happy to round them up and email them over to MediaTakeOut to demonstrate just how ridiculous their “scandal” is.

(Photos: Twitter, Me)

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