STFU Parents: Parents Who Share Unnecessary ‘Memories’ And Timehop Photos On Facebook

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2. Timehop Galleries

2. mobile upload album

The person who sent this in says, “A few of my friends are obsessed with sharing their Timehop photos of their kids and I’ve actually considered blocking some of them because their Timehops are so annoying. In the attached photo you can see a boring Timehop album, full of boring text posts and boring photos. It was updated 2 months ago because this person switched to taking screenshots and uploading them, so now they’re in a mobile uploads album.”

Oh, dear. When your Timehop photos accumulate to the point of filling a whole album, you know you’ve got a problem. Timehop addicts, please seek help. There’s probably a hotline you can call or a group you can join. If you’re ever able to step out of your Timehop hole (now forever known as a T-hole), there’s a present-tense world still here to embrace you.

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