Santa’s Little Helper: Santa And His Elves Won’t Judge You For Using Paper Plates

holiday paper plate santaSo while you’re getting all those final touches together for the big holiday dinner or Christmas brunch or Hanukkah feast, planning out certain recipes and getting those last-minute purchases, consider this bit of advice before heading off into your holiday: paper plates.

You may have slaved over some delicious entrees, but ponder for a moment the amount of time it would take to pop all your guests’ finished plates into the trash — and then cut that number in half. That exercise alone should be enough incentive to use festive paper plates for your holiday hosting this year.

If your family is like mine, they may perhaps put in special requests for the fancy family china or coveted glassware that you only use once a year. Tell them that unless they want to help hand-wash some pearl-handled silverware or your great-grandmother’s china, then Dixie will do just fine this Christmas.

If you’re too modest to go paper for the big sit down dinner, at least use them for the morning brunch or the evening before to use for those holiday snacks. The only person who will be turning up their nose at this practice is perhaps your mother-in-law, who will only be peeved that she didn’t have such a cheap and easy option in her day.


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