Twin Sisters Give Birth To Sons 13 Minutes Apart

twin sisters babiesIf I didn’t suck at math I’d at least attempt to figure out the odds of Danielle Fisher and Nicole Fisher, 23-year-old twin sisters, giving birth just 13 minutes apart in adjoining hospital rooms. Oh, and they both had boys!

The New Jersey-based sisters, who themselves were born 12 minutes apart in 1988, didn’t actually plan to get pregnant at the same time. According to reports, Danielle and her boyfriend Corey Flanigan announced first that they were expecting. Weeks later, Nicole and her boyfriend Greg Woodman learned they were pregnant, too, but they waited several months before sharing the news.

“I couldn’t believe it!” Danielle said when she learned her sister was also pregnant.

Danielle gave birth to Jonathan on Tuesday at 7:43 p.m. one week past her due date. Thirteen minutes later, Nicole, who wasn’t due for another two weeks, delivered her son Maximus in an adjacent hospital room. (Danielle was in labor for more than 20 hours, while Nicole’s delivery took less than 20 minutes.)

Meanwhile, the girls’ mother Lisa Fisher was busy running between the two rooms and giving each daughter constant updates on the other’s progress.

It’s an amazing story and one that comes just in time for the holidays. I’ve always been obsessed with twins the fact that so many share a connection that’s so powerful and different from most siblings. In fact, I can still recall a friend telling me a crazy story about her own twin brother. The two are polar opposites and yet when she was writing an exam one day in college, she felt a sharp and shooting pain down her leg that came out of nowhere. It lasted for several hours and then disappeared. Later that day, she called home and found out that her twin brother has broken his leg. (Crazy, no?)

“I just think it’s the twin thing,” said Nicole of her and Danielle’s unbelievable tale. “It just has something to do with that twin communication.”

“Who gets to go through something like this with your twin sister?” Danielle said. “We have done everything together our whole lives.”

Yesterday we wrote about a somewhat similar story about Jessica Rotter and Briana Guerrero, a mother-daughter pair in Illinois who gave birth to baby boys just six hours apart also in adjoining hospital rooms. They were also due around two or so weeks apart but just happened to deliver on the same day.

We wish all of these families much love (and a bit of sleep) during this holiday weekend!


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