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The Olivet Middle School Football Team Is The Best Football Team Of All Time

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Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.17.23 AMWARNING:

Get your tissues, and a cat or a dog or a small child to hug, and get your E-mails and Facebooks ready because you are going to want to spam everyone you know with this link. This may be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, and it’s one of those stories that will give you total faith in the youth of today and humanity and gah… feelings. They call this play the “Keith Special” and I think you can see why.

[youtube_iframe id=”0Ejh_hb15Fc”]

This sort of makes up for all the jocks we knew in middle and high school who were total jerks and snobs and wouldn’t even consider ruining their own game just to make a team member feel special and important. It’s beyond remarkable that they came up with this idea on their own without their coaches knowing. I want to hug all of their parents and thank them for raising such remarkable kids. When the one player in the video breaks down I just wanna give him all the hugs and buy him everything in the world plus make sure he gets into the best college ever. By giving Keith Orr the chance to score his first touchdown the entire team has totally made me believe in the goodness of people.

Now I have to go hug everything in my house.
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