Off-Grid Parents Beg Internet to Fund Their ‘Self-Sufficient’ Lifestyle

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Self-described “off-grid” parents Adele and Matt Allen want to move their unvaccinated children “off the grid” to a big plot of land in South America where they can be free and unconventional and not have to worry about school or medical care, and they’re hoping we will all foot the bill for it. Honestly, I’m tempted, but only if they’ll agree to leave their Internet connection behind.

Adele and Matt blog a whole lot about being off the grid. I’m not sure you should be able to call yourself “off-grid” if you’re constantly updating a blog, but they self-identify as being off the grid and sustainable. After achieving a small amount of internet notoriety back in 2013 as “Lotus Birth Mom” for writing for XO Jane about “It Happened to Me: I Did Not Cut My Baby’s Umbilical Cord for Six Days so We Could Have a Natural ‘Lotus Birth’ Just Like Chimpanzees”¬†Allen is now back in the news having rebranded herself and her husband as “off-grid parents” and are now begging the Internet for money to send them to Costa Rica.

For off-grid, sustainable, crunchy hippy types, they’re certainly looking for a lot of money, too. They’re seeking 100,000 GBP, or just over $130,000, to buy them a farm in Costa Rica so they can write about being “alternative” parents.

For writers, they don’t seem to have a great grasp of how words work, because they have titled their fundraiser, “Help Us Achieve Our Ambition of Being Self-Sufficient!

I’d make fun of their definition of being “self-sufficient” somehow including asking strangers for $130,000 so they can take their iPad to Costa Rica to make YouTube videos, but the commenters on this fundraising site have pretty much taken care of that already.

Somehow, they have actually raised 145 pounds from curious donors. The Allens say they are currently writing an e-book about parenting, and any backer who donates more than 5 pounds will get a free copy. I would bet good money that every donor they have is a writer just waiting for an advance copy to make fun of for the Internet.

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