Don’t Try to Scare Mom When She’s Holding a Giant Knife, No Matter How Funny the GIF Is

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Damn kids. Damn Internet. Damn cell phones. Now every last jackass thinks he’s on Jackass, and a mom can’t just sit in her kitchen and carve up a dang turkey in peace without her asshole kids trying to prank her for Reddit gold.

A Reddit user going by TRFlippeh posted his mini video to Reddit’s GIF forum with the title, “Have you seen my mom?” One must give him credit for his cinematography, because his 15-second GIF is as suspenseful as Jaws.


A random lady is just standing alone in her kitchen, quietly carving the last bits of meat off a turkey carcass. How economical! She probably made that turkey, and now she’s breaking it down all by herself. Her kids will probably eat delicious sandwiches made from that turkey, and they will not stop to think, “Mom totally spent 20 minutes hand-carving the last little chunks of turkey off the bone so none of it would go to waste.”

But while she’s sitting there, carving her turkey with a very large knife, something is reflected in the glass cabinets behind her. Then the nose of a giant inflatable clown fish comes into the frame. The woman suspects nothing. It silently swims closer and closer to her. Then it pokes her in the back and she leaps into the air in pure terror! She jumps and screams and her hands are empty because she flung the knife somewhere. When she finally stops spinning, she looks pissed.

And man, that is a really stupid time to run up and try to scare somebody. She was holding a giant knife! Hell, she was so scared she dropped the giant knife. She’s lucky she didn’t drop it on her foot.

One Redditor found the fish in question and it appears to be this Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish, available on Amazon for $40. Someone spent $40 to scare the crap out of his mom. He’s lucky his $40 balloon didn’t get stabbed! Hell, from the look on her face at the end of that GIF, he’s lucky he didn’t get stabbed.


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