Objects Of My Affection: The Best Alarm Clocks For Back-To-School Rising

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After these lazy days of summer, I’m dreading the hustle and bustle of the impending school year. It feels like it takes a good few months for the kids to get back into a faster-paced routine. Mornings are the worst, with everyone used to sleeping in and lollygagging around the house. This year, rather than my usual morning-drill-sergeant routine, I’m going to let  my boys choose a funky alarm clock and be in control of their own morning schedule. With lots of fabulous looking (and sounding) options to choose from, here’s our roundup of the coolest alarm clocks out there. Many of these are also iPod-docking stations; for those of you who have one, let the kids make a morning playlist to add a little excitement to the mix. Who knows? You just might get rid of the moaning and groaning about school. (Have I mentioned that I’m a dreamer?)