Video: Angelina Jolie’s Kids Ask Her Why She And Brad Aren’t Married

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Angelina Jolie and Brad PittAngelina Jolie’s children may enjoy a very unconventional childhood what with having celebrity parents, a permanent paparazzi presence, and the luxury of traveling the world, but according to Angie her kids still have very traditional concerns — like why she and Brad Pitt haven’t tied the knot.

In an ABC interview with Christiane Amanpour, Angelina admits that because her child absorb so much matrimony in kids’ films, they do ask why their parents are not married. Although Angie hints at her kids’ more pronounced desire to just have a big cake, she acknowledges that the questions are out legitimite curiousity. However, given that Angelina and partner Brad have six kids, she says that their commitment as a family is already realized:

“They see movies that have the people getting married in the movies or somebody’s, you know, the happily ever after. Shrek and Fiona are married. We’ve explained to them that our commitment when we decided to start a family was the greatest commitment you could possibly have. Once you have six children…you’re committed.”

It clearly takes more than paper and even biology to make and maintain a family, and Angelina’s specification about she and her partner’s commitment convey exactly that to the Jolie-Pitt brood — no cake required.

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