Dad Ordered To Remove ”˜Psycho Ex-Wife’ Blog. But What About His Tattletale Ex-Wife?

We’ve all been there, right? Your boyfriend or husband’s ex is a little more frustrating than average. She creates problems that don’t exist; tells the kids how awful you and their dad are to try to get them to like her better; acts psycho in private then plays ”mother of the year” in public; sends ranting e-mails that have nothing to do with anything pertaining to the children… Wait, you haven‘t been there? Well, I have. And so has Anthony Morelli.

Anthony is the founder of, a blog that’s been gaining quite a bit of attention lately in the media. Not for its content, which is both sad and entertaining, but because the Family Court Judge ruling over Anthony’s custody case has ordered him to shut the blog down. Remember the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Neither does the judge. Nor the Fourteenth Amendment stating Anthony’s right to due process.

So what’s all the fuss about this blog? It centers around Allison Morelli, Anthony’s ex-wife and the mother of his two sons. Since 2007, he has used the blog as a forum for venting about his bitter custody battle with Allison; the process through a biased Family Court System; and as a vehicle to help other husbands, wives and families going through similar high-conflict divorce and custody battles with their ex-partners.

Anthony isn’t nice to Allison on the blog; he certainly doesn’t mince words and he downright insults his ex-wife and calls her names. What he has never done, however, is put her actual name or his own name anywhere on the blog. So why has this blog and the Morellis been thrust into the media spotlight?

It appears that in her searches of the vast wasteland that is the internet, Allison came upon Anthony’s blog. She recognized enough of her own behavior and details about the family in the posts that she realized he was talking about her. She realized that she was the Psycho Ex-Wife (or PEW, as he calls her). I imagine she might have fallen off of her chair, or thrown up, or both.

What would any sane, rational mother do next? In Allison’s case, she told her children, two boys ages 10 and 12, all about their father’s blog prior to bringing it up in court. She could have kept her mouth shut, could have confided in a close friend or told her therapist (if she had one). She could have contacted Anthony and told him she found it and that it was upsetting to her, which of course it was. But, instead, she told the children. And now she is claiming that his blog is harming them. The judge presiding over their custody case is in agreement with her and has ordered that Anthony remove the blog from the internet. The judge even threatened that she would completely remove custody of the children from Anthony if he did not. Because the blog is harming the children, right? Of course. But who told the children about the blog? Why, it was their mother.

Anthony is being lambasted in the media as a negligent father and jerk ex-husband whose sole mission is to make his ex-wife’s life miserable and who’s irreparable harm to his children in the process. What I have yet to hear in one single story about this case is that their own mother is responsible for the boys even having any awareness of the blog’s existence. And if Anthony is so set on making Allison’s life miserable, why didn’t he tell her about the blog ages ago? Why not torture her by letting her know he’s talking about her bad behavior all over the internet? Why not name names?

Instead, he vented his frustrations anonymously on the internet, as so many people do. He wasn’t hurting anyone and it doesn’t appear it was ever his intention to do so. In fact, a lot of people have found help and commiseration in the pages of the blog. I have. I’ve been a reader of the blog for almost three years now. When my partner told me about some of his ex’s behaviors, I found them to be concerning. A few internet searches led me to Anthony’s blog. In its pages I’ve found sound, rational advice to help my partner deal with his ex while causing the least amount of conflict and damage to the children. I’ve since shared the blog with people close to me who also are dealing with high-conflict ex-partners and they, too, have found it helpful.

The media can go ahead and crucify Anthony Morelli all they want. They’ve clearly been to the blog and judged Anthony without having ever seen the damage that can be done by a woman or mother gone full tilt in a divorce or custody battle.

I hope that Anthony perseveres. I hope that his presence on the internet can continue to help other people dealing with high-conflict, manipulative and abusive ex-spouses for the sake of the innocent children who are all to often used as pawns by the offending parent. Lastly, I wonder how Allison Morelli feels having shot herself so squarely in the foot? Where once she was the anonymous PEW on a little blog in the corner of the internet, now her face is displayed all over the media with a direct link to her ex-husband’s rantings about her less-than-stellar behavior. Winning.

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