Tilda Swinton Loves Her Twins Because She ‘Lucked Out In The Chemical-Reaction Department’

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Tilda Swinton, IFP's 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - ArrivalsTilda Swinton remains candid about her experiences as a mother and her open partnership with the father of her children as she does the rounds for We Need to Talk About Kevin — her new film adapted from the contemplative novel about motherhood.

The Orlando star shared a bit about her upbringing and childhood in The New York Times Magazine, including that her family has inhabited the same Scottish home for over 1,000 years. In adittion to denying suggestions that she was strictly a tomboy, the mother of twins says that although she plays the mother of a sociopath in her upcoming film she has never experienced a moment of hatred towards her own kids. Primarily, because of  “luck” with biology:

…I lucked out in the chemical-reaction department, but I know people who have [hated their children] and who can never talk about it with anybody. I have witnessed the unsayable shame of feeling that they are not in love with their babies. No amount of other people saying, “She’s adorable,” is going to make it any better.

The mother also openly admits to loving her travels for her job, never citing obligatory mom guilt at being away from her kids.  After assumptions surfaced that the actress was having “a very exotic sex life” upon traveling with her lover, Sandro Kopp, Tilda says that she didn’t feel “famous enough” to make an annoucement regarding the “natural transitions” in her family. She maintains that there is “no drama” regarding her unique partnership and that what’s most “transgressive” about her nontraditional relationship is that neither party is bitter.

Different strokes for different folks, I say.

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