Brooklyn Beckham Follows In His Father’s Footsteps, Tries Out For Chelsea Soccer Team

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brooklyn beckhamLittle Romeo Beckham recently made headlines in his mother’s industry, modeling for an adorable Burberry campaign. Now, it looks like his older brother Brooklyn Beckham is following in some parental footsteps as well. The oldest son of David and Victoria Beckham recently tried out for the ultra exclusive Chelsea soccer team.

Over in the UK, Brooklyn’s try out caused quite a stir. David accompanied his son to the training facility, leading media reporters and fans to wonder if David might be playing for Chelsea soon. This would be quite a huge no-no, considering that the senior Beckham made a name for himself playing for Manchester United, Chelsea’s biggest rival. It would be the US equivalent of Tom Brady playing for the Giants.

Tensions eased a bit once everyone realized that David was only there to cheer on Brooklyn, who was trying out for the club’s junior league.

There’s something inherently adorable about watching a son following in his dad’s footsteps. We all love a family legacy. Just look at the Manning brothers and successful father. Look at the Bush family.

And from an early age, David has bragged that his oldest son shows serious promise as a footballer. When Brooklyn was just seven, his father said:

“Brooklyn is the most amazing footballer. He managed 17 keepie-uppies the other day which for a boy his age is incredible. He’s showing great potential and I think he could go all the way. I’d love it if he played for England… I’m as hard on my boys as my dad was. They always ask, ‘Did I play well?’ I’ll say, ‘You did all right, could have done better.’”

It sounds like the father-son pair might be getting one step closer to their dream. No word yet how Brooklyn did at the try outs, but I have this sneaking suspicion that his pedigree might just make him irresistible to junior league coaches.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN)