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Woman Accidentally Sent the Most Inappropriate Text to Her Future Mother-In-Law

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Sometimes it seems like technology exists just to mess with us. 20-year-old Aiman Siddiqui learned that the hard way this week, when she accidentally sent a super rude and inappropriate text message to her future mother-in-law.

Siddiqui was just trying to be a responsible student! She’s in school in Dallas, and she had set her phone to send an away message while she was studying.

Apple’s new iOS11 update has a very cool safety feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving. It’s designed to help prevent texting-related accidents. The phone actually senses while you’re driving, and it turns off notifications for text messages. People who send a message while the phone is like that just get an away message letting them know that you can’t come to the phone.

Siddiqui, being a smart, responsible woman, decided to use it while she was studying.

“I remembered how the new iOS 11 update has this new safety feature for driving and it like won’t pop up any notifications or anything, and I was like, ‘hey that’s perfect to use to study.'”she told Buzzfeed.

The only problem is that Siddiqui wrote her away message with her friends in mind.

“i’m studying leave me tf alone .  bih ahhh tryna make me fail all the time. I GON BE SUCCESSFULLLLL,” it said.

That’s a pretty funny away message to leave for one’s friends. But then Siddiqui’s future mother-in-law sent a thoughtful text to see how she was feeling. (Siddiqui had not been feelling well recently, and her nice future mother-in-law said she’d send over some Joshanda herbal tea with her son, Arham, to help her feel better.)

Then this inappropriate text happened:

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