Mother, 35, And Daughter, 17, Give Birth Six Hours Apart

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People are often surprised when I mention I have a nephew just five years younger than me. “Weird!” they’ll say. “How is that even possible?” (It’s possible because my husband is the baby of the family and his eldest sister had her son when my hubs was just a kid.) Anyway, this is nothing compared to Jessica Rotter and Briana Guerrero, a mother-daughter pair in Illinois who gave birth to baby boys just six hours apart in the same hospital. (Could you imagine?!)

Here’s the deal: Jessica is 35 years old and a mother of four. Her eldest child, Briana, is just 17 years old. So clearly they’re both in child-bearing years. On Monday night, doctors induced Briana because her baby was so big (9 lbs., 9 ounces), reports The Chicago Tribune. Jessica was at the hospital to support her daughter and help with the delivery along with the baby’s father, Jose Botello.

Jessica’s own due date was two and a half weeks away, but while coaching her daughter through childbirth she realized she was having contractions of her own. According to the Tribune, she slipped out of the room and alerted doctors, who determined that she was indeed in labor.

Next thing you know, Jessica gave birth to a baby boy, whom she and her husband have yet to name. Six hours later, in an adjoining room, Briana gave birth a baby boy called Ayden. That means that Briana got a son and a baby brother on the same day. And Jessica, of course, gained a grandson and a baby of her own in a mere six hours. (Kind of trippy, no?)

“In 20 years of practicing, I’ve seen a lot,” said Dr. Alex Lipowich, who delivered both babies. “I’ve certainly had mothers and daughters pregnant at the same time or in the same year. But I have never delivered a mother and daughter combination on the same day, and I can’t believe that’s very common.”

I can just imagine these little boys – born on the same day – growing up almost like brothers but having to explain to everyone that they’re actually uncle and nephew. Now that is something you don’t hear too often.