What Freshly Divorced Katie Holmes Has Next On Her Agenda (Aside From Getting Ice Cream With Suri)

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Katie HolmesKatie Holmes has reached a settlement agreement with Tom Cruise less than two weeks after filing for divorce. But with the ink still drying on her settlement,  Katie doesn’t appear to be blocking out any time to grieve the end of her marriage. In classic Hollywood fashion, the mother has a bunch of professional gigs lined up to coincide with her very public split.

Since the press seems to overwhelming side with poor, victimized Katie, she is most likely looking at a renewed interest from an array of directors or producers who would be delighted to work with a post-Scientology Katie — particularly to capitalize on all this divorce press. And given the public’s interest — and to be honest, straight up support — for the soon-to-be single mom, this means more butts in seats watching her “First Post-Divorce Movie.”

She may be splitting from Suri Cruise‘s father, but the mother absolutely seems to be going full throttle on her career in the wake of those divorce papers.