Morning Feeding: Elite Schools Rethink Saving Seat For Little Sister

Trinity and other elite New York schools are beginning to change longstanding admissions practices (NY Times)

A New Jersey woman sued her employer after being told to remove her deceased daughter’s ballet slippers and photo from her cubicle (Gawker)

Make a small bedroom look bigger (ShelterPop)

Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie, 42,  is a father for the second time (Celeb Baby Laundry)

How to inspire creativity in your kids ( )

Why sexual fantasies are good for you (YourTango)

A divorce ring? (The Frisky)

Children overcoming Facebook bans (The Hairpin)

A 60-something cosmetic virgin (Truth In Aging)

The science of boredom (YouBeauty)

I’m successful and happy at 40. So why are people pitying me?  (HuffPo Women)

Having a September 11th baby (Babble)

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