Germaphobes Beware: My Kids Would Go Crazy For This Lickable Cookie Wallpaper

jaffa cakesRemember that scene in Willy Wonka when the kids go crazy for his lickable fruit wallpaper? Well, a British company has created a real-life version of that wallpaper, only instead of fruit they’ve used cookies (because, you know, fruit is soooo ’71).

Visitors at a London office building are the first to experience the cookie-flavored lickable wallpaper thanks to McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, which installed its Wonkaesque creation in the building’s elevator. It’s a brilliant marketing move, albeit a gross one, and it already has people talking/salivating.

The company installed 1,325 Jaffa Cakes on the elevator’s walls and apparently after a cake is licked it’s removed from the wall (though I’m not sure how they’d actually know whether someone’s licked it). Either way, I can’t imagine any mature adult actually going ahead and licking one, but you never know. The thought if it is nasty but, hey, people do gross things.

That said, don’t you think that kids would freak out over this concept? I can just picture my 6-year-old begging to have wallpaper like this installed in his bedroom. I can just imagine the play dates that would ensue (hours of unsupervised fun!). This would no doubt appeal to stoner teens, as well, but for now I’m imagining how crazy my little ones would go for lickable cookie wallpaper. To bad it’s so utterly vile!


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