Unlike Lindsay Cross, I Have An Irrational Love Of Monster Toys And Dolls!

monster high dolls feminist Sorry Lindsay! I love you to pieces but due to the fact the most thrilling news in the world of babies today is an extinct mommy frog who gives birth through her mouth I’m going to counteract your hatred of monster dolls with my utter adoration of monster dolls, especially Monster High dolls.

Linds writes:

I remember seeing them in the toy aisle with their Bratz-style bobble-heads, short skirts, and fishnet stockings. I immediately didn’t like them and steered my daughter away, vaguely mumbling something about inappropriateness when she asked to look at them.

I can understand how you feel, because yeah, the Monster High dolls do wear sort of sexualized clothing and very high heels, usually platforms, but they really don’t dress that differently from good old Barbie. There are plenty of Barbies on toy shelves dressed in “street lingerie” and high heels, and that is just sort of how all fashion dolls for girls are. I find the Monster High dolls a lot less offensive then some Barbies, because they all sort of exemplify this sort of standard of “unconventional beauty” with their weird-skin tones and multi-colored hair. Some of them even have scales. And when I was a little girl, I loved my Barbies madly but I would have loved Monster High dolls even more. They have so many accessories! And to most little girls, the biggest appeal is the accompanied bling that comes with these dolls, little pets and jewelry, purses and school books. You get a lot of bling for your buck with the Monster High dolls.

I have yet to read one of the Monster High books, but I have been happily surprised by the messages conveyed in their movies. A lot of the themes represented in their cartoons are “Girls can do anything boys can do!” “Friends forever! — usually in the guise of “sisters before misters” and “Treat all people with respect, even if you are a normal human and they are a monster” which can easily be applied to anti-bullying messages, all good things I want to teach my own daughter. One of the Monster high characters is vegan. A few of them are huge advocates for protecting the environment.

I can remember when I was very little, even younger than my own daughter, and one of my most beloved birthday presents was a Creature From The Black Lagoon coloforms set. I have always loved scary dolls, scary movies, and Halloween. Considering I have my own collection of Living Dead Dolls still in the boxes in my storage room I can see where my own kids sort of love the whole “creepy” kid-stuff genre.

The Monster High dolls may looks different than other fashion dolls, but from the messages they represent in their movies I feel like even though one of them has yet to be portrayed as a female president or astronaut, they are an overall good role model for my daughter. I’m not letting her get her ears pierced multiple times or letting her buy fishnets, but I will “ohh and ahh” when she shows me the glittery blue skin of Abby Bominable. And I will point out to her how cool it is when one of them utters a feminist message or shows an example of being a good friend. They may look scary to some, but I sure do love what they have to say.

Come play dolls with us Lindsay I will let you play with Ghoulia who is a writer like us!

(Image: Mattel)

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